Nymsy: an e-mail address to Twitter username API

Feed Nymsy an e-mail address,
and it’ll tell you who that person
is on Twitter.

You should sign up, so people can find you on Twitter, too.
It takes just a few seconds and is totally secure:

Questions you're probably asking:

Is my e-mail address going to be exposed to spammers?

No! Your e-mail address won’t be exposed to anyone.

Nymsy functions like a key-value store. Without the key (the e-mail address), the value (the Twitter username) is unavailable. And it’s impossible to go the other way, to get the e-mail address from the Twitter username.

Is there any cost to this?

No! It’s totally free!

Who’s behind Nymsy?

Me! My name’s Charlie Park. I’ve built a bunch of apps on the web that make peoples’ lives better. The most popular one is called PearBudget. It helps you make a beautiful, simple budget.

Isn’t an e-mail-to-Twitter-username lookup something that Twitter already offers?

No! They did, but then they took it away. And with the recent API changes they’ve made, it doesn’t look like this is something they’ll offer in the future.

I’m a developer and I want to access the Nymsy API. How do I do that?

So glad you asked. Hit the API page for more.

What do I do if I have questions?

You can just e-mail me! charlie@charliepark.org. I’m pretty good about replying within a few hours.